Brightstone Dillons Blazen Saddle ("Skye")

Blue Lynx (Tabby) Point Mitted Ragdoll Alter
TICA Supreme Grand Champion Alter
2008/2009 TICA Regional Award Winner: Best Ragdoll Alter and 5th Best Alter, Northeast Region

Born: July 28, 2007
Sire: RW SGC Brightstone Baron Markee Delamer
Dam: Luvez Celestial Azur of Brightstone
Breeder: David Nudelman

Professional photographs are by Jim Child

Skye has a particularly endearing trait. When he desperately wants something (like a toy, his dinner, a fly on the wall, or simply lots more attention from his people), he sits up on his haunches and paws the air with both front feet. When he really gets going he even rubs his whiskers. It's very cute and despite the fact that he does it all the time, it's unpredictable and tough to photograph because he absolutely won't do it on command. But, as luck would have it, when Elaine Weitz was juding Skye at the Providence, RI TICA show in March 2009, Skye was in a great mood and absolutely loved the toy she showed him. He was so happy that he did his "thing" for a good 30 seconds, much to the delight of the judge and the crowd. Luckily, one of the onlookers got some great pictures and sent them along to us.