Data Download Page for Laura

SDSS DR7 catalog (68MB?): CLICK HERE

col 1: SDSS ID number
col 2: ra (J2000)
col 3: dec (J2000)
col 4: redshift
col 5: angular diameter distance in Mpc for h=0.7 and concordance cosmology
col 6: shape parameter (a-b)/(a+b), measured in r-band
col 7: r-band isophotoal position angle
col 8: r-magnitude (uncorrected for extinction)
col 9: (g-r) color, K-corrected to z=0

Ingo's first catalog with photo-z (raw text, 84MB): Click Here

Ingo's first catalog with photo-z (tarred, gzipped, 33MB): Click Here

Stellar Mass catalog (raw text, 19MB):
Click Here
column 1 = SDSS ID number
column 2 = log10(Mstellar/Msun)