AS102 Spring 2010 - Laboratory Exercises

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The laboratory exercises can be found by following the links below.

Revised Lab Schedule in Word format

Note: because of the Monday holidays, and the reassignment of a couple of non-Mondays as "BU Mondays", different lab sections may be doing different labs in the same week. Each lab will take two weeks to complete. Due dates will be posted next to the links for the laboratory exercises themselves. On Jan. 19, Jan. 20, and Jan. 21 you will meet your lab instructors, go over the basic math skills needed for the course, find out where the homework box is, and learn how to get to the computer lab (Room 606) and the rooftop observatory.

Here is an example day lab report in Word format. When you are writing up your lab report, an important thing to keep in mind is that somebody who was not present in the lab with you should be able to understand what you did from your lab report alone, and reproduce what you did if he or she wants to. Clarity/thoroughness of explanation is something that sets the "best" lab reports apart from the "average" reports. Think of your reader as an educated, capable person who wasn't there with you when you did your experiment, but who would like to repeat your experiment in his or her own lab, and write to that reader.

Here is more information about how the lab reports will be graded.

Day Labs

Hubble Law in PDF format, Day Lab #6

Stellar Spectra in PDF format, Day Lab #5
Due: April 15 (Thursday section), or April 20 (Tuesday section), or April 21 (Wednesday section)

Spectroscopy Lab in PDF format, Day Lab #4
Due: April 1 (Thursday section), or April 6 (Tuesday section), or April 7 (Wednesday section)

Gravity Lab in PDF format, Day Lab #3
Gravity Pre-Lab in Word format, Day Lab #3
Due: Mar. 18 (Thursday section), or Mar. 23 (Tuesday section), or Mar. 24 (Wednesday section)

Triangulation & Parallax, Day Lab #2
Due: Feb. 25 (Thursday section), or Mar. 1 (Tuesday section), or Mar. 3 (Wednesday section)

Luminosity & Brightness, Day Lab #1
Due: Feb. 9 (Tuesday section), Feb. 10 (Wednesday section), or Feb. 11 (Thursday section)

Night Labs

Introduction to Night Labs

Night Lab #1, due no later than 5:00pm on Friday, March 5

Night Lab #2, due no later than 5:00pm on Wednesday, April 28